The Fool

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Cast and Crew


  • ABBY (11-years-old)    Abby is quiet; she’s been through a lot following the death of her parents.

  • FINN (15-years-old ) Finn is sarcastic. He has a big attitude and an even bigger mouth, that inherently plays into his personality. He is also, essentially the comic relief, and that character that the audience can relate to.

  • DREW (17-years-old ) Drew comes off as bratty. She resents her parents for moving her away in the middle of getting a scholarship. Though she remains relatively calm, her attitude exudes “popular kid”. She isn’t necessarily a mean girl, however her current situation has turned her against her parents.

  • SAM (18-years-old) Sam is calm. With the relatively recent death of his mom and life with his alcoholic father, Sam tries to remain composed. He made friends with Finn and Abby having grown up with them. With the arrival of Drew, Sam breathes new life into his own calm personality, finally having a female friend his own age.

  • JIM WALLACE (40-years-old) Jim is business and family oriented. He has a calm demeanor but will always put his family’s happiness first.

  • LEE-ANN WALLACE (36-years-old) is quiet, but her look carries a presence that screams “Mom”.

  • ALEX & DIANNE WALLACE (12-years-old) Alex and Dianne are twin girls that look inherently tired. They are always calm and on edge. They don’t have the spirit of children much after the nights that The Fool has put them through.

  • NINA (35-years-old) Nina is a young Mom. She tries to be cool with her son Finn’s friends. She has an attitude like  her son, but is fun, funny and what the kids call a “firecracker”.

  • DWAYNE  (40-years-old) Dwayne is an entrepreneur. He cares about his name and his business but would do anything for his girlfriend Nina and Step-son Finn. He treats Finn like his own and has an attitude that aims to help Finn in his  future. Dwayne would also be considered the “cool dad” by Finn’s friends. He would be the first to admit that Nina and Finn’s personalities are rubbing off on him.

  • BETTY (60-years-old)  Betty is Abby’s grandmother. She is a couch potato who plays the grandmother role. She watches loud TV and doesn’t pay much attention to Abby.

  • JACKSON (50-years-old) Jackson is Sam’s alcoholic father. He is strict, and his demeanor would give off that he doesn’t really like his son. He looks dirty and bent out of shape.

  • CATHERINE (35-years-old) Catherine is calm. Like Terry, she’s young at heart. Until her daughter Drew is inherently murdered, her conscious is broken, and she becomes an emotional mess who is believed to be stalked by Fendrel, something that further damages her psyche.

  • TERRY (40-years-old) Terry is calm and collected, yet he feels young and it shows in his constant enthusiasm. 




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