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No One Leaves His Show Alive!

Created by:Francesco Giannini, Adam Kolodny & Derrick Adams

Producers: Francesco Gianinni, Franky Films

A group of kids living in an apartment complex in Chesapeake, Virginia come face to face with an evil entity that takes the form of a Jester, who targets them and their families.


In an apartment complex just outside Chesapeake, Virginia, a group of adolescent kids are forced to survive the torment of a malignant Jester who feeds on broken families. Set in an apartment complex with a twisted past, our group of youths are forced into a corner when one of their own goes missing and no one else is willing to believe that something evil lurks in the shadows.


A Horror Feature Film in The Conjuring Universe

It has asimilar story line to the movit It and It2

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